Follow Your Heart

Infinite Possibilities

Roland Summers wonders if there’s a reason he keeps running into Charlottesville’s new medical examiner, Lennox Roswell. First, there was the wedding of his good friend Stonewall Courson and then they participated in a career panel at a local high school; and then again at the grocery store. He soon discovers they are neighbors. What confuses Roland more than anything is his fierce attraction to Lennox.

Lennox Roswell moved to Charlottesville to start a new life after the accidental death of her fiance. She’s heard about Roland Summers’ tragic loss of his wife years ago but senses the attraction between them. Is it time to move on with her life and convince him to move with his? Can their hearts heal together?

When Lennox discovers that her fiance’s death might have been an accident but intentional murder, she starts asking questions. It soon becomes obvious someone doesn’t want her to get answers. Can Roland protect Lennox with his life if it comes down to that? He is determined not to let her be another woman lost to him forever.

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